Sherri Shepherd’s Children: Meet Her Two Sons, Jeffrey and Lamar

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  • Sherri Shepherd is a comedian, actress and television talk show host
  • She worked on ’30 Rock’ and ‘The View’
  • The Emmy winner had two sons with two different men

Daytime Emmy Award-winning talk show host Sherri Berger made his incredible way in Hollywood. The Chicago native, born in April 1967, was still working as a legal secretary when she landed her first acting gig on a sitcom in 1995. Although the show only aired for one season, Sherri would enjoy his chance to play more roles in sitcoms, including the iconic 30 Rockand finally as a host on View from 2007 to 2014, where she won an Emmy in 2009. After a few more sitcoms and a comedy tour, Sherri found herself hosting a self-titled talk show in 2022.

Sherri Shepherd (R) and her son Jeffrey (L) enjoy Disneyland. (Shutterstock)

Sherri’s personal life is equally successful, although a bit more complicated. She has been married twice and shares two sons with her two ex-husbands. However, she was engaged in dramatic court battles with both exes over her boys. Keep reading to learn more about Sherri’s two sons here.


sherri married Jeffrey Tarpley in 2001 and they welcomed a son Jeffrey in April 2005. Their first and only child together would end up with special needs. “He has developmental delays,” Sherri said. People in 2018. “I know that God created this little boy, who is so delicious and special, and I have to accept him just in his imperfect little perfections. He is perfectly imperfect in every way.

The couple would go on to divorce in 2009 and then engage in a dramatic custody battle in 2014. Tarpley filed a petition at the time for temporary physical custody of Jeffrey, claiming Sherri was neglecting him due to his schedule. charge. A judge ruled in Sherri’s favor and she’s been showering him with love ever since, as evidenced by her Instagram, where she often shares snaps of her little man.

In 2022, she detailed on social media how she viewed the well-being of her son Jeffrey when he moved to New York to begin with. Sherri, his talk show. “I didn’t want to move to New York to do this talk show [sic]. My life was in LA, but my friend @teejmercer said ‘Sherri God said New York isn’t for you but it’s for Jeffrey. This is where he will find his independence,” she wrote alongside a snap of the mother/son duo. “It’s been hard for me to let him jump because I want to protect him from anything that might hurt him. But as he says goodbye to me and heads to the A train to Queens with his friends to watch the Mets play, I say a prayer to the One who made it that as it spreads its wings, God will be there to catch it.

“This world is cruel but I know God knows Jeffrey much better than I do and I trust that within the parameters of his ‘special needs’ he will thrive,” she concluded. “Lord, give me the strength I need for the next leg of this journey.”


Sherri once again attempted a love match with the writer Lamar Sally, marrying her in 2011. They ended up going their separate ways in May 2014. This is where it gets tricky. The former couple later welcomed a son, lamar, through surrogacy in August 2014. Lamar Jr. was conceived using Sally’s sperm and a donor egg. The child has since been raised by Sally, and Sherri has never met him, per People. However, a few court battles over finances, support, etc. ensued.

Sally said youIn 2014, he said he and Sherri agreed to have a child via surrogate – using Sally’s sperm and a donor egg after doctors found Sherri’s eggs weren’t viable – within a year of their nuptials in 2011. Six months into the surrogate pregnancy, Sally said Sherri surprised him with a divorce. Even with the split, “she never said she didn’t want the baby,” Sally insisted to the outlet.

In 2017, Sherri emerged victorious in the child support lawsuit filed by Sally. Sherri took to Twitter at the time of posting, “For the record… I have always offered to financially take care of my ex-husband’s son. What he demanded was not fair and allowed him not to work.

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