‘RHONJ’ Recap: Jennifer Aydin Finally Gets Her Husband’s Bill To Go To Couples Therapy

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At the start of the March 14 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Therese Guidice met with her therapist to talk about her fractured relationship with her brother, Jo Gorga. After producers showed a bunch of clips of Teresa’s erratic behavior in the past, Teresa told her therapist she was ‘scared’ of her brother and didn’t want to be there. her more erratic behavior. So the therapist told her that if she wanted the behavior to stop, she could make choices to make it happen – and “if he’s not listening,” then her only option is to “move on.”

Following Daisy josephs‘ surgery, Jeans fessler went home for lunch. There, Jen told Margaret that Jennifer Aydin apologized for making noise at her brunch last week. But Jennifer also blamed Margaret for inciting her, and Jen told Margaret she said things she shouldn’t have said. Jen told Margaret that she had been acting like a 16 year old by arguing with Jennifer Aydin and that it had to stop. Margaret agreed.

Later, Dolores CataniaThe father of came to visit his daughter and Paulie ahead of Dolores’ charity softball event. Dolores and Paulie revealed that his heart goes in and out of rhythm often, so he had to go to the hospital for surgery. Then Dolores and her father took her dog alone for a while. Outside, Dolores’ dad told her she seemed really happy with Paulie and she said she was. She also revealed that due to her relationship with him, she grew distant from her ex, Franc, and talk to him less. And his dad said that was understandable.

Speaking of Frank, he and his girlfriend met Rachel Fouda, lemon balm Gorga, and their husbands in a batting cage, and he admitted missing Dolores. He also brought up the fact that she also ignores a lot of his text messages. While at the batting cage, Rachel also revealed that Teresa and Jennifer told her to watch out for Margaret, leading Melissa to speculate that Teresa’s rekindled friendship with Margaret was anything but rekindled. “I know it’s wrong when I see it,” Melissa said. She also said she thought Teresa was only nice to Margaret because Louis Ruelas told him to after he started digging things up from his past. In order to stop the leaks, Teresa had to befriend Margaret.

At Dolores’ charity softball event, Danielle Cabral backed up what Rachel had said, when she admitted Teresa and Jennifer told her Margaret was a ‘better friend than an enemy’. But since it was a charity event, Margaret kept the information to herself and caused no drama. Even Joe and Teresa shared a hug. Everyone really left their drama at home for Dolores’ big event, which raised $200,000!

However, it was also at the game that Frank told Dolores that he missed her. Well, Joe mentioned it, but Frank confirmed it. He said it with tears in his eyes and Dolores said she was doing what she had to do out of respect for her new relationship with Paulie. And she wants Frank to “knock him down.” Especially because he was the one who destroyed their relationship 20 years ago. He can’t have his cake and eat it too.

Later, Rachel told Jennifer that Jennifer’s daughter Olivier stated that she wanted to grow up and become a love therapist, leading Jennifer to believe that the revelation of Bill’s infidelity led to this. So after the game, Jennifer told Bill and he finally agreed to go to couples therapy to try to work out their issues – once and for all. They didn’t get very far with their therapist in the first session, but it seemed obvious that they had a lot to work on.

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