Post Malone’s Wife-to-Be: Everything You Need to Know About His Secret Bride

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  • Post Malone is a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter
  • He welcomed a secret baby girl in May 2022 with his ‘fiancée’
  • Post has never publicly identified his “fiancée,” who fans refer to as “Jamie.”

Post Malone recently had an incredible journey, both in his professional and personal life! The Grammy-nominated musician has released his fourth studio album, Twelve karat toothachein June 2022, and it included the hits “I Like You (A Happier Song)” with Doja Cat and “One Right Now” with The weekend. A month later, he happily revealed he had welcomed a baby with his longtime girlfriend, who he called his “fiancée” at the time! Keep reading to learn more about the mystery woman in Post’s life!

Post Malone called his mystery girlfriend “fiancée”. (Richard Nicholson/Shutterstock)

Post Malone fans call his fiancée ‘Jamie’

As of this writing, Post, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, has not yet publicly identified the woman of his life. However, being a global superstar with a legion of fans, Post was sure to have some of them to dig for 411. thing going around about Post’s wife, because she allegedly turned it off. Instagram account. What we do know is that her groupies decided to call the mystery woman “Jamie.”

They were first spotted together in 2020

The couple first had fans in a frenzy when they were photographed together at an airport in October 2022, as seen on this Instagram. From then on, the couple had a few more public sightings, like one in West Hollywood while on a shopping spree. The pair looked like they were having fun shopping as Post was all smiles, as seen in photos here on Twitter.

Jamie was Post’s ‘plus one’ at her cousin’s wedding

In New York In August 2021, the “Sunflower” singer and Jamie attended his cousin’s wedding in New York, according to this Instagram. Post wore a shirt and tie as he had his arm around Jamie, who wore a simple black dress. The pair were also pictured at a Magic: The Gathering Cards event in Phoenix in October 2021, where they had a blast with a large group of friends, as seen here.

They welcomed a girl

In June 2022, Post casually revealed to howard stern on Shock Jock’s that he is the proud father of a baby girl. “I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon. I went there and I kissed my little girl,” he said during the interview. Howard quickly asked him to elaborate, in saying “Baby girl – are you referring to your girlfriend? Or, do you have a baby? The rapper replied, “No, that’s my daughter.” The confused radio star asked: “It was on the QT [quiet] but? We didn’t know you had a daughter, did we? to which the rapper joked, “Yes, I want her to make her own decisions. That’s it.”

The post called Jamie his “fiancée”

During the interview with Howard, Post also confirmed that he was engaged to his baby mama. “She’s my fiancée,” he explained. No other news of their upcoming nuptials, such as date, location, etc., has been announced.

Prior to proposing to Jamie, Post was previously linked to a Korean visual artist/singer MLMA (“Me Love Me A lot”) for a brief period in 2020. He also dated Ashlen Diaz for three years before splitting in November 2018.

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