Philly presenter makes lewd joke on St. Pat’s show

It was a bad prediction for St. Patrick’s Day.

A Philadelphia meteorologist delivered more than the weather forecast on Friday morning by cracking a raunchy on-air joke that had her co-workers laughing.

Philadelphia ABC-6 meteorologist Karen Rogers — with a clicker in each hand — blurted out the X-rated comment while summarizing her seven-day forecast.

Rogers held up the remotes in a gesture implying she was holding two pints before making the raunchy joke.

Karen Rogers
Meteorologist Karen Rogers used her two remotes to play a rude joke on her colleague.

“And to another woman who likes having both fists — in a different way, I think,” laughed Rogers as he returned the spotlight to anchor Jessica Boyington.

“She means beer!” She means beer! Boyington quickly stepped in.

The rest of the newsroom could be heard laughing behind the cameras as Boyington tried to get the program back on track.

“Guys, she means beer!” Don’t put me on YouTube! My God,” exclaims Boyington.

Jessica Boyton
Jessica Boyington was quick to explain that Rogers meant she liked double fist beers.

The laughter only got stronger until Boyington finally laughed herself.

“I just… Yeah.” We’re going to take a break,” the presenter said before launching into her traffic report.

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