Pedro Pascal wears shorts as he leaves the gym after going viral for his coffee order: photos

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Pedro Pascal, 47, looked comfortable and happy on one of his last outings. The actor, who recently made headlines for his over the top coffee order, was pictured leaving a gym this week as he wore a casual outfit comprising a light beige sweatshirt over a top blue, gray fleece shorts, light blue patterned socks and white sneakers. He also wore glasses and flashed a smile as he walked through the rain.

Pedro Pascal
Pedro leaving the gymnasium. (BACKGROUND GRID)

He appeared to be carrying a large half-drunk iced coffee and a small white bag, which could indicate he had a snack after the gym session. The talented star also appeared to be alone as he walked towards a car.

Pedro Pascal
Another epic shot on the gym outing. (BACKGROUND GRID)

Pedro’s latest outing to the gym comes just days after his Starbucks coffee order went viral after his cup was captured while signing an autograph on an action figure. A TikTok user filmed the video and shared it with other users. It wasn’t long before many people started talking about the overdone coffee order, which was a quadruple iced espresso (venti) with six shots and extra ice.

“Our man is CAFFEINED,” one user shared, while another wrote, “So if I survive drinking this do I become Pedro Pascal?” The user who posted the video also joked in the caption of the post. “Dad needs his coffee every morning to carry the whole world and a fandom on his shoulders,” the caption read.

Just weeks before Pedro drew attention to his coffee order, he spent time with his co-stars from The Mandalorian at the Season 3 premiere. The star-studded event took place at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, Calif., and he looked handsome in a fashionable outfit as he posed for photographers. Her look included a light yellow button-up long-sleeved top with a mustard-yellow long-sleeved shirt tied and draped over her shoulders, along with gray wide-leg pants and black boots.

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