Nick Jonas Performs Miley Cyrus’ Duet “Before the Storm” for the First Time in Over 10 Years: Watch

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Image credit: Cynthia Parkhurst and Cole Gentry

Time heals all wounds. Almost two decades later Miley Cyrus And Nick JonasDisney Channel love story Nick, 30, revisited this teenage romance during the Jonas Brothers Broadway Residence. In a moment fans won’t forget, Nick picked up a guitar and began performing “Before The Storm,” the 2009 duet between him and 30-year-old Miley. Fan footage from the event showed everyone at the Marquis Theater singing along with the track. It was the first time Nick had performed the track in over a decade (and the first time since he and Priyanka Chopra tied the knot.)

Nick didn’t shy away from talking about “Before The Storm” or his ex-girlfriend. “[Miley] ‘is a real singer,’ Nick said during a 2019 interview with Apple Music’s Graphics radio broadcast, by We Weekly. “But we knew that because we grew up with her. We had a song with her at the time called “Before the Storm”, which is my favorite song from the Jonas Brothers catalog. And at that time, she was 16 and she was singing it a** off. It is therefore not surprising that people are turning to [her talent]. But I’m sitting there saying, “I told you so”.

Nick Jonas on Broadway (Cynthia Parkhurst & Cole Gentry)

Miley and Nick dated in 2006 when they first met at a charity event. The two were both in their teens and deep in their Disney Channel careers. Miley would call Nick her “first love” in her book, Miles to go, saying their December 2007 breakup was “the hardest day ever”. Although they would briefly reconnect in 2009, they would continue to date other people – with Nick and Priyanka, 40, eventually marrying in 2018. Miley would walk down the aisle herself with Liam Hemswortha marriage that would end in 2020.

(Cynthia Parkhurst and Cole Gentry)

In 2021, Miley celebrated the anniversary of “7 Things,” a song she wrote about Nick in 2008. Miley shared a screenshot of herself holding a photo of Nick, overlaid with a post- it scribbled, per US Weekly. She also shared a passage from Miles to go about the song. “I was angry when I wrote ‘7 things’. I wanted to punish him, to go home for hurting me,” she wrote in the book. “It starts with a list of what I ‘hate’. But I’m not a heart. My heart knew from the start that this was gonna be a love story. Why does it get a love song? ‘Cause I don’t hate it. I won’t let myself not hate anyone.

She later said the track was about “forgiving, not forgetting” the relationship. “Here’s how I feel: It’s hard to imagine that our love is a story with an ending. But you know, at least I get some good songs out of it.

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