Minnesota teacher says goal is to confuse students about gender

A January video of a Minnesota elementary school music teacher bragging about confusing students about gender is under new scrutiny on social media after an article posted online this week named the teacher in question.

Inside the classroom shared a video on Twitter which was originally posted on another platform by a music teacher in the St. Paul area.

The teacher describes a conversation she had with a colleague, during which students allegedly asked the “other teacher” if the music teacher was a boy or a girl.

The colleague responded to the students by asking, “Does it matter?”

The students responded by saying, “No. I can not understand. It’s so difficult. I can not understand.”

The music teacher smiles and laughs as she describes the students’ remarks and says, “I was like that, that’s the point. That’s the point.

Valentine Hills Elementary School
The video was shared on Twitter by Inside the Classroom.
Valentine Hills Elementary School/Facebook

Twitter users were quick to slam the music teacher for bragging about intentionally confusing kids about her gender.

“This teacher at Valentine Hills Elementary in Mounds View, MN better not teach anymore,” one Twitter user replied.

“Her goal should be to teach and inspire students about music. Instead, she says her goal is to confuse as many kids as possible about her sexuality,” another person replied.

“That’s the point,” tweeted another user.

“It’s not to educate. It is chaos and confusion.

The teacher has been identified by parents and former students as Kourtney Ryan, according to Alpha News.

She works for Valentine Hills Elementary School, part of Mounds View Public Schools in St. Paul.

Fox News Digital has reached out to Ryan and public relations directors at Mounds View Public Schools, but has not received a response as of press time.

Mounds View Public Schools is on spring break the week of March 12, but it’s unclear if that’s why requests for comment haven’t been returned.

Other teachers across the country have been open about their own identity and sexuality with their students and even encouraged their students who might question their gender to hide this information from their parents.

A Maryland teacher, Lane Cogdill, claimed it was district policy to help students hide information about their desire to change gender from their parents.

The teacher said that for the past seven years, at the start of the school year, she introduced herself to her students and explained her identity.

Lane Cogdil
Cogdill, a Maryland teacher, said it was district policy to help students withhold information about their desire to change gender from their parents.

If a student questioned their own identity, the teacher would ask for their name and pronouns, while helping the student keep these details with the school and parents if asked.

“I always ask a trans or questioning student, as soon as I find out, ‘What’s your favorite name? Which pronouns do you prefer? Who else knows? And how would you like me to refer to you when I speak to your family, to administrators, to other professors, in front of other students?

“Some students ask me not to disclose their identity, and that’s a promise I always honor,” Cogdill boasted.

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