I set fire to designer bags to determine their true value: “Don’t try”

I think you pocketed some fire leather goods?

A leather expert on TikTok is putting designer handbags to the ultimate test – with fire, acetone and scissors.

By performing scrupulous surgery on luxury leather bags, “Tanner Leatherstein,” which has more than 757,000 followers on TikTok, brings the shock factor to the world of animal skin-based accessories.

Determining leather quality, craftsmanship and more, the TikToker, whose real name is Volkan Yilmaz, told the Post that his “life goal is to help people better understand and experience leather.”

“I was born in a family tannery and grew up tanning leather and having fun,” said the 37-year-old Turkish tanner. “No matter what I did, I couldn’t get away from leather.”

Is this bag worth it, asks Yilmaz on TikTok
Not all of its reviews go south – in fact, it reveals plenty of affordable bags that won’t break the bank.
Tiktok / tanner.leatherstein

The passionate pursuit of educating others about quality leather spawned his online moniker and social media presence, launching his TikTok series about a year and a half ago. His videos now rack up thousands, if not millions, of views as he horrifies shopaholics by dissecting high-end bags from Prada, Tory Burch, Gucci and more.

But there’s a method to his madness, which involves dismembering the saddlebags at the seams, using acetone to remove the leather finish, and setting the remains on fire to determine how the leather was treated or tanned. from the ashes.

Although a crime against brand fanatics, the meticulous multi-step process helps Yilmaz determine the coin’s true value.

“I approximate the cost of leather and craftsmanship to assemble a bag like this in the country that says it is made to provide a rudimentary cost estimate for viewers so they can decide if the price is worth it worth it,” the Dallas manager said. explains the craftsman.

“I use my industry knowledge to develop my estimates to make similar bags in comparable quality standards.”

His ultimate goal is to “demystify the luxury leather space” for the mainstream shopper, he said, noting that he finds the opulence “forced and designed”.

Light the remains of louis vuitton bags on fire
Using acetone, fire and scissors, Yilmaz dissects designer handbags.
Tiktok / tanner.leatherstein

Destroy a green purse
It regularly garners thousands, if not millions, of views online, as its audience watches in dismay and amazement.
Tiktok / tanner.leatherstein

While he “always imagined” that people might be interested in the true cost of producing leather goods, he “didn’t expect the audience to grow so rapidly”.

But he pays the price for captivated viewers – Yilmaz often buys the luxury clutch bags himself, except for freebies he gets from brands that want his honest opinion.

“I buy them myself for the most part, especially the more expensive ones in boutiques or on the brand’s sites,” revealed the founder of Pegai LLC, a leather goods brand. “Sometimes my audience sends in their used bags to exchange for one of my products through a program I developed called LBI (Leather Bureau of Investigation).”

In a clip with 1.8 million views, Yilmaz tears down a gray Epi leather Louis Vutton Felicie clutch, which retails for $1,620, and determines that the base production cost is around $110. In another, he analyzes the Bottega Veneta Mini Acro, which retails for $2,900, by taking a pair of scissors from the body of the tote he concluded is “top of the line” due to the choice and stunning leather engineering.

A more reasonably priced fan favorite is the Coach Pillow Tabby, which retails for just $395, was also reviewed by the leather expert. The puffy shoulder bag, Yilmaz determined, probably only costs about $65 to make.

Yilmaz tear bag at the seams
The bags are ripped to the seams and totally dismantled as Yilmaz tries to estimate the cost of production.
Tiktok / tanner.leatherstein

Cut in the shoe
His videos don’t just analyze handbags, however – he shows a range of leather goods such as belts, wallets, shoes and more.
Tiktok / tanner.leatherstein

Comments range from dismay to disgust as viewers learn the true cost of a bag – which tends to vary widely from its price.

“Watching these videos, I quickly lose interest in the designers,” one user wrote.

“It hurts to see,” commented an alarmed viewer.

“Shout,” someone else anguished, “don’t kill de Bottega.”

“It hurt my soul a little bit,” another lamented.

Yilmaz said he regularly sees betrayed fashionistas leave comments under his clips like “I literally cried/screamed when you cut my dream bag,” a stark contrast to those who appreciate educational content.

But for those still looking to get their (designer) bag, Yilmaz’s content serves as a decision-making tool to make luxury pieces less intimidating.

“I am here to provide an additional data point for the leather shopper, as leather is a mystery to most, leading many people to be confused when purchasing leather goods,” said he declared.

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