Frannie Marin: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Survivor’ Fan Competing In Season 44

Frannie Marin

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  • Frannie Marin participates in season 44 of “Survivor”.
  • She’s in a fledgling showmance with bandmate Matt Blankinship.
  • She is the clinical research coordinator.

Like a Survivor greatfan, Frannie Marin is living her dream on Fiji in season 44. The 24-year-old has gotten off to a great start as a member of the dominant Soka tribe, and she has formed a strong bond with her fellow tribesman. Matt Blankinship. Frannie and Matt’s flirtatious relationship could prove fatal for them, as the other castaways notice how close they are. But Frannie knows the game inside and out, and if there’s anyone who can pull off the showmance lens, it’s her. Here’s everything you need to know about Frannie.

Frannie Marin
Frannie Marin (Picture: CBS)

Frannie is from Minnesota.

Frannie grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ironically, two other contestants from Season 44, Caroline Wigger And Sarah Wade, are also from Minnesota. Frannie now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

She studied psychology at university.

Frannie went to college at the University of Minnesota, where she majored in psychology and minored in integrative neuroscience, according to her LinkedIn. She also participated in the university honors program and the choir. Frannie graduated with her Bachelor of Science in 2021.

She is the clinical research coordinator.

Since August 2021, Frannie has worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at the Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) Center for Mindfulness and Compassion. In college, she worked as an undergraduate research assistant at RIMA Lab.

Frannie Marin
Frannie Marin on ‘Survivor 44’ (Photo: CBS)

She’s a huge “Survivor” fan.

Frannie talked about her love for Survivor in his pre-match interview with Parade magazine. She said the first season she watched was season 28, won by Tony Vlachos. “I love this season, obviously, and I was immediately hooked. I went back and watched almost every season,” Franie said. “I’ve studied this game so much. And I’m just steeped in the culture of Survivor the past two years,” she added.

Frannie is weird.

Frannie identifies as gay, as do five other contestants in Season 44. She is open about her sexuality on her social media, but she hasn’t spoken about it on the show yet.

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