Dominique Fishback: 5 things to know about the ‘Swarm’ star, with Billie Eilish

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  • Dominique Fishback is an American actress who made her Broadway debut at the age of 13.
  • She starred in ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ alongside Daniel Kaluuya
  • The actress landed the lead role in Donald Glover’s ‘Swarm’

Dominique Fishback received rave reviews for his work in by Donald Glover Swarmthe new limited horror series with an episode written by the former first girl malia obama. The Prime Video project features Domnique as Dre, an obsessed fan who breaks down on her journey to meet her icon, a Beyonce-esque pop star. “‘Swarm’ is first and foremost a spectacular showcase for Fishback,” Variety wrote, adding, “She’s been quietly building impressive work for years, and judging by this ravenous turn, she’s ended up quiet.” Let’s watch his impressive work and learn more about the stunning star below.

Dominique Fishback plays in “Swarm”. (Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock)

Where is Dominic from?

Domnique is a hard-fought New Yorker, born in the Big Apple on March 22, 1991. Her closeness to the Great White Way may have influenced her acting, as she began studying acting at an early age. At the ripe old age of 20, Dominque not only graduated from Pace University with a BA in Acting, but she also landed a role in an Off-Broadway production called Subverted where she played 22 characters.

HBO’s ‘The Deuce’ was her first series regular

Dominique Fishback in “Judas and the Black Messiah”. (Warner Bros. / Courtesy of Everett Collection)

Dominque finally landed a steady paycheck when she landed a role in the 1970s Times Square drama “The Deuce,” which aired on HBO from 2017-2019. he gold, Darlene, has earned her a legion of fans and a slew of critical acclaim.

She asked to have a therapist on the set of “Swarm”

Swarm is a drama horror series, after all, so heavy topics like self-harm and homicide are often part of it. With that in mind, Dominique wanted her colleagues to have access to mental health care while filming the scenes.

“I asked them to have therapists on set so people could talk because even if he acts it might trigger,” she said. Complex. “We don’t know what people are going through in their lives. So I wanted to be mindful and aware of that to make sure people could go home in one piece and feel as peaceful as possible.

Dominique auditioned for the role of Chloe Bailey in “Swarm”

Chloe Bailey and Dominique Fishback. (Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Domnique first tried out for the role of Dre’s sister, Marissa, according to Complex. However, she asked the show’s creators Donald Glover And Janine Nabers for the lead role instead, got it and Marissa went to Chloe Bailey. Chloe’s character Marissa starts the first episode in a sexual situation with her boyfriendnd Khalid, played by Damson Idris. And the mature scenes didn’t scare Chloe.

“I was so excited to do this show because it showcases sisterhood and mental health,” Chloe said. Complex. “And Marissa is Chlöe. I had music to save me. It was as if I had to be myself. I’m so happy to be part of an amazing cast and can’t wait for people to watch the rest and see who else is in it, who I know they’re going to freak out and love.

Dominque and Chloé got along really well during the filming. Not only did they share a 40-minute shoutout after an intense scene, per Complexbut Dominique also likes to share photos of friends on her Instagram.

Bille Eilish makes her acting debut alongside Dominique

Swarm has plenty of material in its spread of fame and fandom, allowing plenty of A-listers to join in on the fun with guest roles. Daily show veterinary X-Mayo has an amazing role, but the main attraction is the Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilishwho allegedly ripped through the scenes as the “creepy dean of an NXIVM-inspired female cult,” according to Variety.

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