Dolores Catania teases ’emotional’ cast trip to Ireland: ‘You’ll see a side of Teresa you’ve never seen’ (Exclusive)

Dolores Catania

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This season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was filled with dramatic fights that, at times, felt a little too ugly for viewers’ tastes. But the good news is that later this season fans will see some fun times with the ladies of Jersey during the cast’s trip to Ireland hosted by Dolores Cataniasince her boyfriend Paul Connell comes from there. Dolores appeared in the latest episode of HollywoodLifeIt is Pay attention Puh-Lease! podcast and revealed that all women – including Therese Giudice – get emotional in Ireland.

“You see a lot of emotions. There’s a scene that’s very emotional there, and you’ll see a side of Teresa that you’ve never seen,” Dolores shared. “But we also had fun. It was different just to be in foreign lands. And you will see Paul’s mother! Which is very funny.

Dolores Catania
Dolores Catania (Photo: Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

Dolores, who had to navigate the drama with Jennifer Aydin and her ex-husband Frank Catania so far this season, says HL that the trip to Ireland “happened because everything was so bad” between the cast, which is quite divided between Teresa and Melissa Gorgait is the quarrel.

“We kill each other until this trip. The fights are so bad,” Dolores said. “I went to Ireland and everything was nice and clean and fresh and green. I think we needed a breath of fresh air. I was really trying to calm everyone down. We’re getting closer to Teresa’s wedding. Things are still heated. The fighting is still ongoing. New dynamic in the group. So I came up with an international trip that we hadn’t done since before COVID.”

In fact, Paul chimed in during the interview and said he had heard from people in Ireland who had seen Dolores and the women during filming. “It was cool to hear from Irish people who said they had the opportunity to see them, they had met them, they had walked behind them,” said Paul. “They were like, ‘Hey, that’s great, they’re in our town.’ It’s just great for exposure too. It was really cool.”

“Let’s put it this way: we kind of made it a bachelorette party for Teresa,” Dolores said. “It’s going to be the new singles paradise out there!”

The trip to Ireland sounds amazing, but RHONJ fans know the fighting resumed once the women got home. Dolores revealed to us that she and Paul hosted the final party, where Melissa and Joe Gorga have their fallout with Teresa that leads to them skipping her wedding, and that she didn’t know how to handle all the chaos. “At one point, I’m up, and I’m looking, and I’m like, ‘Who do I go to? ” she says.

The full episode of Dolores on the Pay attention Puh-Lease! podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. She talks about her dynamic with Frank this season, Teresa and Jacqueline Lauritarecent reunions, and much more!

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