Damar Hamlin brings his adorable brother Damir, 8, on “The Masked Singer” for a special surprise

Damar Hamlin

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Damar Hamlin welcomed as a hero alongside his younger brother, Damiron the March 15 episode of The Masked Singer. The NFL star, who nearly died on the football field in January, brought his 8-year-old brother to “Sesame Street Night” on the Fox reality show for a special surprise. Damir walked out and sat next to Elmo, as 24-year-old Damar came on stage and received a round of applause from the audience and the judges. Judge Ken Jeong told Damar he was “so glad” he came on the show for a brief appearance. “But more importantly,” Ken added, “I’m so glad you’re healthy. The whole world loves you.”

Damar Hamlin
Damar Hamlin on “The Masked Singer” (Photo: Fox)

Buffalo Bills security, dressed in a colorful sweatshirt and sweatpants, explained that he had decided to visit The Masked Singer for tonight’s episode because of her adorable little annoyance. ” It’s my world. I put family first and he loves Sesame Street more than most things so we had to do that tonight,” Damar told the judges.

Damar then set to work: he revealed a clue to the identity of the Squirrel. The clue was a soccer ball with Ken’s face on it, which shocked the boobies rich asian actor. The squirrel spoke up and told Ken that this was “not the first time we’ve worked together”. Let the theories begin!

The appearance of Damar on The Masked Singer was filmed at the very end of January and marked his first public appearance since his accident on the football pitch on January 2. At the time, fans weren’t sure if Damar was a season contestant, or if he was just making a special cameo appearance, which turned out to be the case. Damar has made more public appearances since recording The Masked Singerincluding when he accepted the Alan Page Community Award from the NFL Player’s Association on February 8, for raising more than $9 million for the Chasing M’s Foundation Community Toy Drive.

Damar continues to settle back into life after his accident. On January 2, the athlete collapsed during the Buffalo vs. Bengals game after tackling another player. Damar was in “critical condition” and was immediately hospitalized, but he managed to recover, which was such a miracle. With the next football season still months away, Damar admitted that he is not yet ready to return to the sport.

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