Cosmetic surgery experts on Liam Payne’s shocking new look

Beauty is Payne?

Liam Payne debuted a very slim face on the red carpet on Thursday, which didn’t go unnoticed by fans or plastic surgery experts alike.

“He didn’t look bad before, but his face, instead of looking soft and a bit chubby, it looks model and tough,” said famed plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir, who worked on Melissa Gorga and Lele Pons, tells us exclusively.

Florida-based plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Su adds, “He definitely has a more masculine look with sharper, chiseled facial features compared to his previous appearance.”

Pamela Weinberger, Founding Injector at Plump Cosmetics, agrees: “Her new look is definitely sharper than it has been in the past and has a bit of a ‘wow factor’ for sure with the way her structure face is different.”

Liam Payne on a red carpet.
Cosmetic surgery experts tell Page Six exclusively that Liam Payne’s new look is likely due to oral fat pad removal.
Liam Payne on a red carpet.
Dr. Kassir, a board-certified plastic surgeon, says the singer looks “model and rugged” now.

The experts we spoke to, who have decades of combined experience but haven’t worked on Payne, agree that it looks like the former One Direction member may have turned to charges or the celebrity favorite mouth fat removal procedure to get her clean features.

Weinberger says the “What Makes You Beautiful” singer, 29, may have opted for jawline fillers, lip fillers, chin fillers and regular maintenance Botox.

Kassir notes that the fillers could have been used to shape the singer’s jawline and chin.

Liam Payne on a red carpet.
Expert Pamela Weinberger adds that Payne may have filled out his jawline, chin and cheeks.

However, Dr. Azza Halim, board-certified esthetician and functional medicine specialist, says she doesn’t think fillers alone could help Payne achieve such a defined look in the lower part of her face, so she agrees that the elimination of buccal fat is likely played a role.

Meanwhile, Su points out that Payne may have had liposuction on his chin and jawline, which could also help get a sharper jaw line.

However, all of the experts we spoke to believe that buccal fat removal is the most likely procedure that has been used, which we are told can cost between $5,000 and $20,000 depending on the person who applies the cosmetic method.

However, Kassir cautions those looking to jump into this new cosmetic “craze” because not everyone is the right candidate.

“You can cause premature aging just by randomly removing fat from people’s mouths,” the New York and New Jersey-based doctor points out.

Kassir says the best candidates for buccal fat pad removal are those who are generally fit, have a good diet, exercise plan, and weight control, but have round faces, so “no matter what they do, their face is full”.

“If you do this on someone who is skinny, as soon as they hit their 30s and maybe even early 40s, their face will look sunken, gaunt and aged,” he says.

Liam Payne on a red carpet with Kate Cassidy.
Payne has not confirmed whether he went under the knife or used injections to get his new look.

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Kassir and Halim note that buccal fat removal is not reversible, and while Su and Weinberger agree – for the most part – they say there are alternatives that could be attempted to restore structure. facial looks natural, but that’s not a guarantee.

“The removal of a buccal fat pad could potentially be reversed with fat transfer,” says Su, who specializes in liposuction and body contouring.

Weinberger, and national trainer for Allergan Medical Institute, adds, “You can try replacing the fat with a collagen-inducing agent like Sculptra or a hyaluronic acid filler, but some fullness in the face is really nice. because it keeps us all young. ”

A close up of Liam Payne.
Dr Kassir thinks Payne’s new look may also be due to weight loss.

Kassir concludes that although Payne’s altered face has led to speculation, his results could have been achieved by natural causes – or the popular diabetes drug Ozempic, which is commonly used for weight loss by the Hollywood elite.

“He looks like he’s lost weight, so [chiseled look] can happen if they lose a decent amount of weight or if they use insulin or diabetes medications like Ozempic,” says the plastic surgeon.

“It leans your face a lot more than the rest of your body once you lose weight, so he could theoretically have done that, but even if he went to the gym and lost 20 pounds, his face could get a whole lot better and more chiseled. ”

A close-up photo of Liam Payne.
The doctor says the pop star used to have a “softer” look.
Getty Images for BFI

Kassir notes, however, “I am not saying that he has [taken Ozempic].

While Payne himself hasn’t confirmed what he’s done — if at all — people on social media seem upset that the “Night Changes” singer doesn’t look like himself anymore.

“Omggggggg what happened to Liam?” one person commented under an Instagram post of Payne at the premiere of Louis Tomlinson’s documentary ‘All of These Voices’ in London.

Another a fan tweeted, “Liam Payne’s mouth fat removal makes me feel so uncomfortable around this man.”

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