Chasten Buttigieg says he and Pete haven’t heard of Mike Pence after homophobic joke

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transport secretary Pete Buttigieg husband Chastise revealed that the former Vice President Mike Pence didn’t reach out to apologize after making a homophobic joke at the Gridiron Club dinner party. Chasten called out Pence for joking that her husband went on ‘maternity leave,’ during an interview on View Thursday, March 16.

The White House called on Pence to apologize to the Buttigiegs as well as women and the LGBTQ+ community for the comment, per CNN. “The former vice president’s homophobic joke about Secretary Buttigieg was offensive and inappropriate, especially since he treated women with postpartum depression as a punchline,” the press secretary said. Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement.

Pence was called out for calling Buttigieg’s parental leave “maternity leave.” (Alex Brandon/AP/Shutterstock)

When asked if Pence had reached out to him or her husband on View, THE I have something to tell you the author said the former vice president didn’t, and he said calling him is common human decency. “I think it’s not ‘woke’ to say something is homophobic or misogynistic. It doesn’t make you ‘woke’, it doesn’t make you a ‘snowflake’ to tell someone that ‘He made a mistake,” he said. “I spoke out for two reasons: I will always stand up for my family, especially my child.

Chasten previously called out the former VP by sharing a photo on Instagram of Pete in a hospital room with their son Gus, who was in intensive care in November 2021. He repeated that any parent would want to be with their child in such a difficult time. “I know we all struggle to find a balance between work and family life, and I’ve never seen anyone work harder than my husband to find that balance, but I think Republican or Democrat , we can all agree that: when your child… our child born prematurely, just five pounds – when your child is hooked up to a ventilator, you don’t want to be anywhere but by their bedside,” he said. said “I would see Pete having to remove Gus’s fingers and sneak into his tiny bedroom bathroom so he could zoom in with a virtual background so no one could see he was there. ‘hospital.”

Pete and Chasten have been married since 2018 and welcomed twins in August 2021. (Kevin Wolf/AP/Shutterstock)

As he continued, Chasten said it was important to call people out for offensive comments, and he pointed out how hypocritical it was for Pence to criticize her husband based on what he claimed were his values. “We all have an obligation to hold people accountable when they say something wrong, especially when it’s misogynistic, especially when it’s homophobic, and I don’t take that when it’s directed at my family, and I don’t think anyone else would, especially when you bring a very small, medically fragile child there,” he said. “It goes against what he says that he is. He says he’s a Republican of family values. I don’t think he practices what he preaches here.

The transportation secretary also called out Republicans for making jokes about his sexuality in the past. During an April 2022 appearance on View, Pete said he hoped LGBTQ+ students wouldn’t be hurt by politicians who had acted as “bullies” towards him. “You’re not alone. It’s hard to be particularly a college kid. Even if you’re not LGBTQ+ or anything! It’s hard, and you add that, and you think about what those children are being interrogated. There might be bullies in your school. You don’t need bullies in the state house on top of that,” he said.

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