A New York City Subway Station Soaked in Green Mud a la Ghostbusters

The metro has slimmed down!

Green, shiny, “Ghostbusters”-style goo oozed through the entrance to a Brooklyn subway station on Thursday night – startling straphangers who said it looked downright supernatural.

It appeared Slimer himself had walked through a wall at the 7th Avenue station in Prospect Heights – where the mysterious substance had accumulated near an ATM, according to a viral photo posted on Twitter.

“We’re either looking at a new generation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or a ghost infestation in New York City,” said one straphanger, whose name was Emily. “Anyway, the city might want to look into that.”

But, she added, “I’m not afraid of ghosts.”

Others were quick to point out the ectoplasmic qualities of slime.

“Who are you going to call? one observer wrote on Twitter while another said, “Is that Ecto Cooler?”

The green slime may have oozed from street level, according to the MTA.
Mud may have seeped from street level, according to the MTA.
    It wasn't immediately clear what the mysterious green slime was made of.
It was not immediately clear what the mysterious substance was made of.

“Don’t touch it – unless you want superpowers”, a user wrote.

Some were quick to speculate that the green paste was likely antifreeze or “tracing dye,” neither of which was fun for commuters.

“Someone to swim?” one New Yorker joked sarcastically while another added, “Just another day on the New York subway.”

The tweet quickly garnered 1.6 million views and the MTA weighed in on Twitter, saying it would look into the issue.

A representative for the agency told the Post on Friday that the mysterious sludge likely seeped into a supply room from street level and has since been cleaned up.

“Unfortunately, [there were no] reports of people gaining superpowers and/or teenagers becoming sword-wielding turtles. I haven’t heard any news of particle accelerator explosions or thunderstorms, so I doubt any resulting superpowers,” the spokesperson joked.

However, the rep also didn’t immediately elaborate on what the sticky green stuff actually was.

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