‘A Good Person’: Everything you need to know about Florence Pugh’s next film

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  • A good person will be released on March 24.
  • movie stars Florence Poug And Morgan FREEMAN.
  • Zach Braff directed A good person.

Zach Braff once again steps behind the camera with a deeply personal story. A good person follows Allison, played by Florence Poug, as she struggles to cope with her grief over a terrible tragedy. Take your tissues now, A good person is a total tearjerker.

The Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie will be released theatrically exclusively. In a world filled with franchises and superhero movies, A good person will be a refreshing trip to theaters. The film’s examination of grief and forgiveness will leave a lasting impact. From casting to what inspired the film, here’s what you need to know about A good person.

Summary of the plot and themes of A good person Movie

The official synopsis of A good person reads: “Daniel is reunited with Allison, the once-thriving young woman with a bright future who was embroiled in an unimaginable tragedy that claimed her daughter’s life. As grief-stricken Daniel raises his teenage granddaughter and Allison seeks redemption, they discover that friendship, forgiveness and hope can flourish in unlikely places.

Zach revealed he was inspired to write A good person during the COVID-19 lockdown after the death of his father and sister, as well as his close friend Nick Cordero.

“I wanted to tell the story because I felt those emotions. I lost a bunch of people in my life who were very important to me,” Zach said during a Q&A in London, according to Variety. “We were in confinement and it was time to write. I mean, there was nothing to do but start a script because that’s what I wanted to do, that’s what I love to do, and I wanted to write something for Florence, and that’s kind of what stuck out to me.

A good person is a riveting and brutally honest exploration of grief, loss and addiction. Clearly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, Zach tells a story of hope. Even in the darkest times, we must remain hopeful.

Cast and Crew A good person

Florence Poug plays the role of Allison, the young woman at the center of A good person. When a fatal accident changes Allison’s life forever, she must rebuild her entire world.

Florence Poug
Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman in “A Good Person”. (MGM)

Florence plays alongside Morgan FREEMAN, who plays Daniel. His character was set to be Allison’s stepfather. Allison was involved in the crash along with Daniel’s daughter, who tragically died. Daniel and Allison cross paths again when Allison is trying to clean up after developing an opioid addiction. Other actors include Molly Shannon like Diana, Chinaza Uche like Nathan, Celeste O’Connor like Ryan, and Zoe Lister Jones like Simone.

Zach wrote, directed and produced A good person. This film marks his third feature film after garden condition And I would have loved to be there. A good person also shows his love for South Orange, New Jersey, which happens to be Zach’s hometown.

Florence and Zach were dating and living together when Zach was writing the screenplay for A good person. They have since separated but remain friends. The Oscar-nominated actress revealed that Zach was inspired by her personality while creating the character of Allison.

“He knows how I talk, he knows how I give a shit about people and I think he just put that in his script and I was allowed to come in and fill in where needed,” he said. she said during the question-and-answer session. “But reading something dedicated to you and written by someone who knows you so well is a wonderful gift.”

Florence Poug
Florence Pugh and Zach Braff at the premiere of ‘A Good Person’. (Shutterstock)

Florence does not shy away from playing emotionally demanding roles (i.e. Midsommar, Lady MacbethAnd wonderment). “It’s no secret that I only choose very intense roles,” she added. “This isn’t the first time I’ve been reduced to tears at just about every scene I’ve been in. I love finding ugliness in humans. I like to be raw. I love being given a script that challenges me and I’ve never chosen a role unless I’m afraid of it. And he was someone who knew me, knew my potential and wanted to work with me. I think it would have been weird if he wrote a Nancy Meyers thing for me to be like, “So… you’re not going to cry in this movie. I’d be like, ‘Oh my God!’ “

Production of A good person Movie

The film was first announced in February 2021. A good person was filmed later that year in South Orange and Maplewood, New Jersey, where Zach grew up.

In October 2021, Florence shared photos of her dramatic haircut. The actress cut her long locks to play Allison in A good person. “I did something,” she wrote on Instagram.

A Good Person Release Date

A good person hits theaters on March 24, 2023. The movie is expected to be in theaters everywhere. If you’re looking for a poignant film that you’ll feel long after you’ve left the theater, A good person is for you.

A good person
The poster for ‘A Good Person’. (MGM)

Zach continues to prove himself a talented director. the old Scrubs star began to move more and more behind the camera. In addition to A good personZach also directed an episode of the Apple TV+ series Contraction in 2023.

A good person is another terrific vehicle for Florence. Her magnificent performance as Allison showcases her vast array of acting skills. A good person will make you laugh, cry and believe in the power of redemption.

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